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Your Virtual and Augmented Reality Recruitment Partner

The go-to recruitment solutions specialist for startups in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) such as virtual try-on, product visualization, interactive in-store tech, and in-store navigation. For assistance scaling your VR  or AR startup, get in touch with one of our expert consultants today.

We understand the Extended Reality industry.

Our Virtual and Augmented reality team exclusively work with In-store Technology businesses like yours. We understand the unique challenges, talent requirements, and expertise you need better than anyone else.

In-Store Technology companies
we’ve partnered with

Why we're leaders in RetailTech recruitment


Strict quality benchmarks ensure we connect only the best talent.


So you know what’s happening at every step of the recruitment process.


First candidates in 72 hours from our deep candidate network.

Risk Free

We offer free replacement or a 90 day sliding rebate.


Expanded candidate pool through multi-channel search.


Our commitment to you is that we’ll deliver on what we promise, it’s as simple as that.

Taking Immersive Retail To New Heights

The extended reality market is expected to reach the size of $125.2 billion by 2026. In the last few years, a steady stream of immersive retail experiences have used AR and VR to provide customers with more seamless and accessible shopping journeys.

Virtual and augmented reality continue to transform the retail industry by allowing customers to visualize products and immerse themselves in new simulated realities, enhancing the emotional dimension of a retail experience. With XR technologies, the boundaries of retail are being pushed further as brands present new ways to transform the customer experience.

We know the significance of building top-quality teams. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the VR, AR  and Metaverse sectors, we understand how to tackle your individual pain points when it comes to scaling and connecting with the best senior talent. We’ve been chosen as a trusted partner by startups driving the revolutionary transformation of retail because of our specialized approach.

Satisfying Your Hiring Needs

Storm5 guarantees unrivalled service to achieve and surpass your recruitment needs. Our micro-niche consultants routinely position market-leading professionals in roles ranging from mid-level to executive, since we appreciate the need of scaling these groundbreaking companies.

Our specialist consultants are deeply engaged in their markets, allowing them to construct the best and most driven Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality teams, thanks to a large network of top talent across Data & Analytics, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Product Management.

If you’re looking to find your next AR or VR expert or even build an entire team, Storm5 are expertly placed to help. Our network of Extended Reality professionals have the skills needed to change the world of virtual shopping and build long-term customer relationships.

Grow every team across your business

Our team of  RetailTech consultants excel at connecting the best RetailTech talent with innovative clients globally.

Data & Analytics

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Data Officer, Data Director, Director of Analytics, Head of Data Science, Senior Data Scientist, Senior Data Architect.

Engineering & DevOps

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Technology Officer, Head of Engineering, Senior Data Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineering Manager, Vice President of  Engineering.

Sales & Marketing

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Business Development,  Head Of Marketing, Head Of Partnerships, Vice President Of Sales.

Product Management

Our vast network includes a range of talent from: Director Of Product Design, Chief Product Officer, Senior Product Architect, Head Of Product, VP Of Product Marketing, Senior Product Analyst.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Storm5 find VR and AR experts?

After talking with our Commercial Lead, you’ll select one of our two recruitment plans that best fits your requirements. Our consultants will then go to work recruiting individuals from our database, which is jam packed with top talent you won’t easily discover in the market. We carry out the process and provide after-offer support to provide a smooth onboarding experience for both parties once an offer is made.

What makes Storm5 the best at recruiting specialists to work in Extended Reality companies?

Our objective is to provide a highly specialised approach to the recruitment needs and priorities of Instore Tech companies, and to quickly and cost-effectively fill senior roles. We employ a micro-niche recruitment approach, with each of our expert consultants focusing solely on one of the key verticals required to scale your Instore Tech startup: Engineering and DevOps, Data and Analytics, Sales & Marketing and Product Management.

What other companies rely on Storm5 to find AR and VR candidates?

We work with Extended Reality startups at the cusp of innovation, ready to disrupt key In-store Tech markets in Europe, Asia and North America. The companies we attract are well funded and are seeking to find talent to fill key leadership roles.

Nicholas WardPresident and Co-founder at Koddi

Kirtana (our consultant) has been a complete pro going through the process. I've appreciated her quick communication, comfort in moving between text and live, and the quality of her insights along the way.

Emma GonzalezVice President of Marketing at Fohr

We’ve worked with Storm5 for the past six months and it’s been a great partnership. They are quick to respond and work very hard to deliver top-quality work. They understand the need to move quickly and offer many areas of expertise to help us achieve our goals. They give our account their best, month after month.

Weelim BayHead of Human Resources

The consultant was able to grasp our business needs quickly. As a result of that, and probably the resourcefulness, we have interacted with good quality candidates for the roles we were after.

Lauren BradyHead of Talent at Gridwise

The Storm5 team is a true partner to an internal recruiting team, which can be hard to find! They're extremely communicative, calibrate quickly with our team's needs, and add a ton of value to the closing/offer process in staying close to their candidates.

Paul GerardTalent Acquisition Lead at Akeneo

The overall experience was great. The consultants we worked with asked many questions to understand our needs and business in depth. It was always quality over quantity. Storm5 helped us with challenging and strategic hires in a short time frame.

Justin CutlerDirector of People at Applecart

The quality of candidates was consistently positive and better than most other agencies we've worked with. It was also easy to contact our consultant and communicate throughout the process which led to a great hire.

Annela CoatesTech Talent Acquisition Lead at Starship Technologies

The consultants were professional, quick to respond and act where needed, and the process ran smoothly. We made some great hires within a short period of time. The consultants could quickly grasp what the requirements for the role are and start sending well qualified profiles.

Clive VanBuerleSVP and Global Head of People Operations at Synup

Storm5 are clearly pulling its weight in a space that is clearly its strength. The candidates were all extremely relevant to what we are looking for, and our consultant was extremely committed and execution-focused, and always on the ball.

Andres CastañedaDirector of Global Talent Acquisition at OpenX

After having the chance to work with Storm5, I rank them up there with the top 5 firms we engage with which can quickly come up to speed on the business, drive a strong pipeline and drive results to help us meet our goals.