The leading recruitment partner for startups in the Last Mile ecosystem; passionate about creating seamless customer journeys and assisting in the implementation of long-term change, which will necessitate collaboration across the ecosystem to incentivize greener choices, rethink asset use, and harness data and analytics. To get advice on scaling your Last Mile Delivery startup, contact one of our expert consultants today.

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Build The Future Of Last Mile

Last mile delivery is an important cog in the e-commerce system. Consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce for all of their buying needs, and every online shopping experience demands fast fulfilment and distribution. Research shows that 57% of customers say that same-day delivery will increase their loyalty to a specific brand. While some retailers are investing in their own supply chain, many rely on third-party carriers when their own fleet can no longer handle the last mile volume or if they don’t want the burden of managing the process themselves.

Our extensive understanding of the Last Mile industry has sparked the interest of global leaders and investors, and our ability to empathise with your hiring issues has made us the preferred recruitment source for startups and scale-ups leading the Last Mile revolution.

Recruitment Solutions For Last Mile Leaders

Storm5 is dedicated to providing the best recruitment services in the market. Our Contingent, Exclusive, and Partnership models can assist you in achieving your hiring objectives after truly understanding your needs and company priorities.

Our expert consultants cover essential Last Mile skillsets across Engineering, Data & Analytics, Sales & Marketing, and Product Management. Due to our micro-niche strategy of finding the best professionals in the market, our consultants have the most extensive and diverse networks of top talent.



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What other companies rely on Storm5 to find experts in Last Mile Delivery?

Our market-leading service has garnered Series A+ funded Last Mile Delivery companies that are redefining customer convenience by transforming fulfilment and distribution. We are a dedicated partner, ready to support your hiring needs across the US, Canada, Asia and Europe due to our reputation of placing senior to executive-level professionals.

What makes Storm5 specialists in this industry?

Each consultant has the most extensive network to fulfil your hiring needs, having spent time building a database of industry-leading talent across Engineering and DevOps, Data and Analytics, Sales & Marketing, and Product Management. Unlike other recruitment partners, these experts are often passive candidates who are not actively hunting for a job but are willing to speak with you, which means that we only present you with the best candidates.

How does Storm5 find the best people to work in Last Mile Delivery?

Once we have received your proposal and settled on a recruitment model, we begin working on the role, knowing the type of candidate(s) you require. We tap into our network of highly specialised talent to discover the best candidates for the job, providing you with a diverse pool of qualified candidates to interview. Once an offer is made, we carry out the process and provide post-offer support to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.