Industry-leading recruitment services for Retail Point of Sale (POS) and Checkout startups, including Retail Inventory Management Platforms, Autonomous Checkout solutions, and Retail Payments systems. For assistance with scaling your POS and Checkout startup, get in touch with one of our expert consultants today.

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Driving Customers Back Instore Through the Modern POS

With nearly $40 billion in sales lost each year because of long checkout lines, brands and retailers stand to gain significantly if they can improve the payment and checkout process. One of the major developments in brick-and-mortar retail is autonomous checkout (cashierless checkout), which allows stores to create better and more unique experiences for customers while collecting better data on shopping and streamlining store operations such as inventory and restocking. Mobile point of sale (mPOS) is one of the portable solutions that are transforming payments and checkouts by converting handheld devices into a point of sale, giving customers and associates more freedom, flexibility, and convenience.

Year after year, the number of chances in the Retail POS and Checkout market grows. From the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, in-store shopping has forever changed. Shoppers are looking for experiences that are both convenient and contactless. Customers will return to brick-and-mortar stores if they have a better customer experience, which retailers can create with autonomous checkout and modern POS. Storm5 understands that in order to provide a frictionless, data-driven customer experience, the next generation of Point-of-Sale and Checkout pioneers must be mobile, innovative, and technology-focused.

Recruitment Solutions For Point of Sale and Checkout Leaders

Storm5 is passionate about providing the best recruiting service in the industry. To build the talent pool that is right for you, we offer a depth of expertise, a global network of talent, and extensive market knowledge.

Our payment consultants provide staffing solutions in the areas of Product Management, Data & Analytics, Engineering, DevOps, and Sales & Marketing. This specialised approach to locating POS and Checkout professionals provides immediate access to talent without sacrificing quality and ensures that only the best talent is headhunted and presented to you.

Whether you are looking to hire a Checkout expert or an entire team, Storm5 is dedicated to delivering results. Our database of Retail Payments professionals have a wealth of experience to ensure a smooth shopping experience.



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What other companies rely on Storm5 to find Retail Point of Sales and Checkout specialists?

After securing Series A+ funding from investors, our industry-leading service has attracted Retail Point of Sales and Checkout startups on the verge of expansion. As we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the Retail Point of Sales and Checkout sector, we have successfully placed mid to executive-level talent across Asia, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Why are Storm5 experts in Retail Point of Sales and Checkout recruitment?

We focus on the four essential verticals required for a successful POS and Checkout startup. To construct the best and most dynamic payments teams, our consultants immerse themselves in their industry, ensuring that no resourcing need is overlooked. 

How does Storm5 recruit the best POS and Checkout candidates?

Discussions with our Commercial Lead kicks off the process of working with us, where you select the recruitment model that best matches your objectives and a brief is agreed upon. From here, our skilled consultants will get to work recruiting individuals from our vast database of senior talent that you won’t discover on the open market. Once an offer has been accepted, we’ll handle the rest of the process for you and provide after offer support to ensure a seamless hiring process for both sides.