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Data and Analytics functions are crucial in helping RetailTech companies better understand their customer, develop products and personalise content. Ultimately, businesses can use data and analytics to enhance business performance and gain a competitive edge in a crowded industry.

Our Data and Analytics network is made up of C-Suite and senior eCommerce leaders from across the globe, who are at the forefront of their market. Their purpose being to drive business strategy, these professionals have experience building, managing and developing high-performance data and analytics teams in established Retail Techs and and startups. Our database includes Chief Analytics Officers, Senior Data Scientists and Heads of Insights who execute big data analysis. They are technically skilled to ensure their analayzes are high quality whilst managing the company’s data cycle.

If you are looking to hire a Chief Data Officer (CDO) to shape your business strategy, or an Insight Director to run the research function, we have the right candidates for you. Our database of analytically minded individuals are experienced in the Retail Technology sector, bringing an array of industry-leading expertise and knowledge to drive your Data and Analytics teams.

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Roles we recruit for

Storm5 Data and Analytics teams play a fundamental role, working closely across all verticals within Retail Tech businesses. They are great communicators, actively speaking with senior leadership teams and C-Suite members to promote analytical findings, as well as Financial Directors, VPS and CFOs to increase revenue streams and rationalise business models.

Our focus on the RetailTech sector means we are best placed to build and scale your team to help achieve your mission, speaking with the very best senior Data and Insight talent daily.

Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Scientist, Analytics Director, Data Director, Data Science Director, Insight Director, Data Strategy Director, Data Governance Director, Head of Analytics, Head of Insight, Head of Data, Head of Data Science, Head of Data Strategy, Business Intelligence Director, Senior Business Analyst, Data Intelligence Director, Data Science Consultant and Data Engineer

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As RetailTech specialists, we mirror a RetailTech’s internal verticals. We also recruit for the following areas.

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