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Data & Analytics careers

Data and Analytics recruitment has never been more popular, as it becomes an increasingly essential component in accelerating retailers’ digital transformation.

Data and analytics play a critical role in RetailTech, from the development of data structures and warehouses to the design and influence of data systems and strategies. Data and analytics have become a pillar for many RetailTech companies, with the future of upcoming trends, changes in consumer behaviour, and patterns in buying habits becoming heavily reliant on data insights.

A career in data necessitates excellent communication skills, quick problem-solving abilities, and a thorough understanding of data trends and insights. It also generally requires wearing several hats. They are the pinnacle of any RetailTech in terms of developing products and services that meet changing consumer demand while also allowing businesses to better understand their customer base.

Few professions demand such a strategic skill set. A data role necessitates leadership and people management skills, as well as knowledge of data collection, storage, insights, and data systems and strategies. Leaders who are passionate about driving innovation, cutting costs, and generating revenue with data are the best in the field.

As a specialised data and analytics recruitment agency, we collaborate with some of the market’s top data professionals. Storm5 has a dedicated team of recruiters who connect leading data professionals with the most disruptive RetailTech companies to create the industry’s most revolutionary data teams. Chief Data Officers, Senior Data Analysts, Architects, and Scientists are among them.

We are trusted partners to assist you with your next data career, with proven experience working in RetailTech across Europe, Asia, and North America and being critical in developing highly successful data teams. Contact our team of expert data and analytics recruiters if you’re looking for a new job or want to expand your data team.