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Chief Data Officer

Storm5’s portfolio of top CDOs assist in quantifying and proving the ROI of data initiatives in relation to real business value.

Are you looking for a Chief Data Officer to help your RetailTech company grow? Or are you looking for your next position as a CDO? Storm5 offers a large network of knowledgeable Chief Data Officers who use data to drive business outcomes. We work with innovative E-commerce and RetailTechs all over the world, connecting them with Chief Data Officers who are in charge of data management, analytics, governance, and ensuring data quality, which drives strategy.

These senior leaders are committed to ensuring data quality and have extensive experience constructing data strategies.

The CDO reports to the COO and is responsible for using and exploiting data as a strategic asset throughout the company. As a seasoned data leader, you’ll be able to influence and share your data expertise in a constructive, powerful, and collaborative manner. You will be the driving force behind the organization’s data transformation, working directly with the COO and CFO.

Key Chief Data Officer responsibilities include:

  • Develop and lead a compelling and well-defined data strategy for the company’s future.
  • Work with a centralised data team to lead and produce new data-driven solutions for goods, services, processes, customer experiences, marketing channels, and business models across the organization.
  • Create, maintain, and expand an internal and external data innovation ecosystem.
  • Ensure that all activities are aligned with the company’s goals and predictions by working closely with Legal, Finance, and Operations.
  • Encourage the development of a data-driven culture, as well as related competencies and data literacy, throughout the organization.

A Chief Data Officer can be a valuable addition to your RetailTech team. The top CDOs have a track record of successfully leading data transformation initiatives. They have a thorough awareness of how company policies/processes and data-driven solutions interact, as well as a forward-thinking, disruptive mindset. Storm5 is happy to collaborate with some of the best Chief Data Officers in the E-commerce and RetailTech industry.

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