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Data Director

Storm5’s portfolio of top Data Directors have the ability to present and communicate data-driven results clearly, concisely and effectively.

Do you want your next position as a Data Director to oversee and control the data function? Or are you seeking a Data Director to help you advance your RetailTech? Storm5 offers a large network of data specialists who work together to provide scalable solutions that allow for deep insight into market trends through data extractions. We match top RetailTech and E-commerce firms with exceptional Data Directors that have extensive data experience and are industry leaders.

As a Data Director, you will be responsible for establishing relationships with internal and external stakeholders, as well as establishing data solutions. You’ll be in charge of developing and evolving the company’s data capability in line with strategic growth plans.

Key Data Director responsibilities include:

  • Building a team of data scientists, big data engineers, machine learning engineers, and business intelligence developers, and lead them
  • Creating a data roadmap that emphasises growth, commercialization, and innovation.
  • Working with the sales team to establish new and existing customer relationships
  • Communicating your findings with stakeholders at all levels on a regular basis
  • Putting the team’s analysis to the test in order to maximise the specific channels in terms of comprehension and value
  • Assisting the data team in tracking business performance and identifying significant business opportunities
  • Detecting data issues in customer journeys, segments, and customer perspectives
  • Own and stay educated about global data protection regulations to ensure this is translated into development requirements and data management principles

RetailTech leaders will want data specialists with shown experience in hiring, retaining and scaling diverse and high-performing teams. You’ll have exceptional data manipulation skills as well as excellent communication abilities.

Storm5’s Data Directors are among the finest in the industry, overseeing the data function for Retailech products and services in Europe, North America, and the APAC region.

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