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Director of Analytics

Storm5 has a network of seasoned Director of Analytics specialists who seek to encourage data excellence within their organization and among their customers.

If you’re looking for your next Director of Analytics role or to fill a Director of Analytics vacancy, Storm5 provides a portfolio of experienced Data leaders who establish impactful analytics capabilities inside the organization for data solutions. We connect some of the most forward-thinking E-commerce and RetailTech companies with analytics and data management experts that improve best practices and lead by example accurate data analysis and thought leadership. 

These experts have a wealth of expertise and are actual experts in their field, combining data with cutting-edge tactics to disrupt the retail industry.

As the Director of Analytics, you’ll be responsible for heading the data analytics department, overseeing all activities, and ensuring alignment with the company’s vision and objectives. The Director of Analytics coordinates and leads the management, development, and integration of data analytics and business intelligence that are required to support the organization’s mission and goals. As a member of the executive committee, you’ll attend committee meetings as needed to influence the company’s data capabilities and competencies.

Key Responsibilities of a Director of Analytics:

  • Build, maintain, and improve the department’s and company’s existing business intelligence and analytics technologies
  • Oversee and supervise all data analytics and data team activities
  • Designing and recommending appropriate analytical techniques and methodology for addressing business concerns
  • Lead the data analytics team in the creation, testing, and implementation of relevant data solutions that increase business performance and help the company accomplish its overall objectives
  • Fostering data-driven decision-making, consumer-driven analytics, marketing, and investment planning across the organization
  • Provide management access to data-driven insights that help shape the company’s strategic direction and KPIs
  • Support other company executives and departmental leaders in making data-driven strategic decisions on new products, client segments, and investments, among other things
  • Work closely with internal departmental heads and executives to ensure the delivery of high-quality execution of the diverse range of project objectives

The greatest fit for a Director of Analytics is someone with outstanding leadership and interpersonal abilities, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse set of business and technical stakeholder groups. You’ll have in-depth knowledge of data requirements and data management solutions, along with an understanding of new technology trends.

Storm5 is happy to collaborate with and match some of the greatest data analytics specialists in the market with some of our generation’s most innovative E-commerce and RetailTech companies.

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