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Head of Data Science

Storm5 has a portfolio of the finest Heads of Data Science who transform data into valuable insights that lead to informed business decisions.

Is your RetailTech searching for a top Head of Data Science? Or are you looking for a new Head of Data Science position? Storm5 has an expansive network full of expert Heads of Data Science with extensive experience in leveraging data to share company growth strategies. We work with world-class RetailTech companies all over the world, matching them with Senior Data Scientists who are passionate about data.

These senior leaders are data professionals with substantial technical data science expertise.

The Senior Data Analyst develops business solutions through the continuous modification of existing business intelligence solutions, as well as overseeing and conducting the conversion of data into valuable insights which will lead to informed business decisions.

Key Head of Data Science responsibilities include:

  • Hire, coach, mentor, and share feedback to build an efficient, collaborative team of data scientists, data engineers, and BI developers while maintaining business culture and values.
  • Collaboration with engineering teams to improve and advance the company’s development procedures using a data-driven and analytical approach.
  • Work with technical and non-technical stakeholders across the company and maintain a high degree of interaction and cooperation.
  • Partner closely with the product team and stakeholders to improve planning and prioritization
  • Assist with the development of the analytics and data science roadmap.

The best Heads of Data Science are are individuals with strong problem-solving, organizational, and analytical abilities. They are motivated by the desire to improve data-driven business and engineering practices such as continuous delivery, traceability, and observability. We’re delighted to say that Storm5 currently works with some of the E-commerce and RetailTech industry’s best data scientists.

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