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Senior Data Analyst

Storm5 has a portfolio of expert Senior Data Analysts’ who provide insightful and actionable analysis to help the company meet its objectives.

Do you need a Senior Data Analyst for your RetailTech? Or are you looking for your next Data Analyst position? Storm5‘s network of Senior Data Analysts are well-versed in providing insightful and actionable analysis that responds to clients’ and companies’ objectives in a timely manner. We connect with incredible E-commerce and RetailTech giants all over the world and assist them in finding Senior Data Analysts who will assist them in making data-driven growth decisions.

These senior leaders are industry specialists who will provide a plethora of data-specific experience to your company.

As a Senior Data Analyst, you will use data, analysis, and insight to help the firm achieve a variety of goals. In conjunction with your team and other data teams and stakeholders, you’ll define and build initiatives as well as an impact strategy. You’ll be able to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to create strategic reports, tests, and insights. You’ll take an analytical approach to company problems and provide customized advice based on the stakeholder.

Key Senior Data Scientist responsibilities include:

  • Create and perform data deep dives to discover areas of strategic relevance. Assist in the creation, development, and implementation of measurement frameworks and techniques.
  • Assess that data is important to the company’s goals, including its conception, shaping, selection, and measurement.
  • Be the main point of contact on analytics and insight requests from the leadership team
  • Use a variety of tools to manipulate complex datasets.
  • Perform data analysis on several issues to assist in the resolution of problems such as analysing A/B test results, anticipating user behaviour, and identifying top-performing user segments.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to identify and define new user challenges, as well as viable solutions and enhancements to address them.

A Senior Data Analyst is logical, can convey stories in a simple way, and is a strong communicator. They’re always on the lookout for feedback on what’s working and what isn’t, highlighting areas for development and suggesting ways to address and test them. We’re happy to work with some of the best Senior Data Analysts in the E-commerce and RetailTech industry here at Storm5.


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