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Senior Data Architect

The greatest Senior Data Architects in Storm5’s portfolio successfully contribute to companies technological architecture and data designs.

Do you seek the expertise of a Senior Data Architect to assist you in simplifying and standardising your data and information architecture? Or are you looking for a new challenge as a Senior Data Architect in a growing RetailTech that values data insights? Storm5 connects innovative RetailTech companies on a mission to advance a data-driven future with our network of skilled Senior Data Architects who are passionate about designing and deploying scalable data architecture and transformations.

These experts have a plethora of knowledge and want to create a data-driven culture.

As a Data Architect, you’ll be in charge of helping the company achieve its goal of becoming a data-driven RetailTech. Working with both internal and external stakeholders, you’ll need excellent analytical and conceptual thinking skills. The position requires a deep understanding of solution architecture as well as strong expertise in data. The function is primarily concerned with continuously enhancing the data landscape in order to revolutionise the company’s data assets.

Key Senior Data Architect Responsibilities:

  • Recommend solutions to improve new and existing data systems
  • Create and document conceptual, logical, and physical data models that take into account the functional and non-functional needs of stakeholders
  • Propose, design, and create proof-of-concept implementations to put new technologies and methodologies to the test
  • Collaborate closely with the engineering team to ensure that designs are efficiently executed, and appropriate standards are fulfilled
  • Maintain market awareness of industry trends and stay up with data management advances so that any data architectures presented are informed by the most recent thinking
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with cross-functional team members and business stakeholders

Data leaders with substantial experience creating and implementing Data Architecture at a conceptual and logical level are sought by E-commerce and RetailTech leaders. You’ll have a hands-on approach and the capacity to internalise and comprehend an organization’s strategy and culture, as well as contribute to their execution and reinforcement through technological architecture and data designs.

Storm5 is thrilled to have partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious E-commerce and RetailTech companies in order to secure the most sought-after Senior Data Analysts.

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