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Senior Data Scientist

Storm5 has a portfolio of the finest Heads of Data Science who transform data into valuable insights that lead to informed business decisions.

Do you need a Senior Data Scientist to help you enhance your business’s capabilities to achieve your company’s goals? Data Scientists synthesize and leverage the business’s dataset and data to enhance the business’ capabilities for overall goal achievement. It is an instrumental position in helping the business continue its evolution into an analytical and data-driven culture.

The role supports relevant stakeholders through quantitative analytics and the application of appropriate advanced analytics for the business’s key initiatives. In addition, it is a key player in actualizing the business’s future ventures.

Senior Data scientists extract meaning from data, uncover insights and identify opportunities to inform business decision-making processes.

Key Senior Data Scientist responsibilities include:

  • Researching, designing, implementing, and deploying full-stack scalable data analytics vision and machine learning solutions to challenge various business issues.
  • Design, develop, and implement data management systems of analytic frameworks for the business’s data.
  • Plays a strategic role where he is tasked with formulating new and creative ideas for leveraging the business’s vast collection of data in the databases.
  • Develops and implements state-of-the-art analytical algorithms for object detection, segmentation, classification, and recognition
  • Translates business requirements into quick prototypes and enables the development of big data capabilities, frameworks, and governance processes
  • Working closely with junior data analysts in developing new and improved analytics systems, all the way from prototyping to production.
  • Identifying and prioritizing actionable, impactful insights across a variety of core business fronts, driving informed decision-making across the business

To design and implement strategic initiatives, Senior Data Scientists will have excellent strategic acumen combined with expert-level in data management skills. They have a solidified experience in the field and are experts in data analysis and the creation of data-driven solutions for RetailTech businesses.

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