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DevOps and Engineering roles for your RetailTech

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DevOps and Engineering Careers

As a critical part of all great RetailTech organisations, engineering recruitment has never been more in demand.

Engineering and DevOps are critical in the RetailTech, since they are accountable for devising and manufacturing the product/service, as well as working on all new features, modifications and corrections, as well as exceeding company performance through engineering excellence, strategies, and procedures. Without a strong and dedicated engineering team, no RetailTech can perform and surpass expectations.

A career in DevOps and Engineering is both demanding and fulfilling, requiring excellent problem-solving abilities, agility, tactical awareness, and the technical skills to build and implement Tech vision and strategy on a daily basis. Leaders that are mission-oriented and eager to reduce costs and maximise results will be drawn to the space because they are intrigued about the ongoing evolution of technology and see both long and short-term potential.

The skilled engineers create unique workflows and serve as experts in the field for the most popular RetailTech products on the market, which needs superior technological abilities and solutions. They are professional developers who build and execute Tech vision and strategy on a daily basis, with extensive coding experience and technical knowledge of several of the core languages.

We’re proud to be connected to the greatest engineering talent in the market as a specialised DevOps and Engineering recruitment firm. Storm5 has a dedicated team of recruiters who link senior engineering talent with the market’s most unique and developing RetailTechs to build up leading teams, from Chief Technology Officers to Senior Software Engineers.

We’re ready to assist you with your next engineering career, with proven experience working in RetailTech in Europe, Asia, and North America and playing a part in building highly successful engineering teams. If you’re looking for a new job or want to expand your engineering team, get in touch with our team of DevOps and Engineering Head hunters.