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Senior Software Engineer

Storm5 has a portfolio of the best Senior Software Engineers who are receptive to new technologies and can adapt to them.

Do you seek the expertise of a Senior Software Engineer Developer? Storm5 offers a huge network of professional Senior Software Engineers who enjoy building appealing, scalable systems, making a significant impact in the business, and experiencing rapid career advancement. We work with progressive RetailTech and E-commerce companies, matching them with Senior Software Engineers who are eager to make an impact in the field.

These leaders are engineering experts who have a proven record of strong performance.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you’ll join and collaborate with a group of like-minded engineers to add new features to the company’s existing systems and improve them. There will be plenty of opportunities to experiment with new technologies, languages, and design patterns in order to explore and build solutions.

There are many diverse areas to work on, including feature development, production issue debugging/optimisation, cloud infrastructure design, and legacy code uplifts, to name a few.

Key Senior Software Engineer responsibilities involve:

  • Develop features, experiments, technical initiatives, and complex systems as a team leader.
  • Become a technical architect, mentor, and advocate for the adoption of appropriate technologies.
  • Create high-volume websites with modern technologies such as TS, React, and GraphQL.
  • Seek to enhance the company’s software architecture and architecture.
  • Contribute significantly to agile practices.
  • Participate in full-stack engineering and work with members of the server, other clients, and infrastructure technical teams to create the best solution possible.
  • Writing efficient database queries.
  • Experience using technologies and frameworks like (but not limited to) some of the companies most-used languages like —GraphQL, Java/JEE, Node.js, PHP etc.

Senior Software Engineers who excel at delivering excellent software to clients are curious and adaptive to new technologies, agile-minded, optimistic, passionate, and pragmatic. We are glad to say that Storm5 is currently networking with Senior Software Engineers who exhibit these qualities.

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