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Software Engineering Manager

Storm5 has a portfolio of the best Software Engineering Managers who contribute to both the technical and product vision of the organization.

Does your E-commerce or RetailTech require a Software Engineering Manager? Storm5 is proud that we work with leading Software Engineering Managers that contribute to both the technical and product vision of their teams, making sure that the RetailTech’s products are successful.

These leaders have a wide range of skills and are essential to the success of RetailTech and E-commerce start-ups.

Reporting to the CTO, the Software Engineering Manager oversees and leads the development and technical delivery of effective business applications and solutions using best practices and technology while maintaining external relationships.

As a Software Engineering Manager, you are the bridge between departments and a spokesperson for the company’s software engineering and product teams. This position places a strong emphasis on building high-performing interdisciplinary teams and cultivating and developing engineering talent from the bottom up.

Main Responsibilities of a Software Engineering Manager:

  • Lead the Retailtech’s software engineering team’s hiring, onboarding, and retention.
  • Regular coaching and mentoring sessions, along with regular feedback to develop talent and maintain a supportive and engaging team culture that has high performance
  • Help shape new projects and create a roadmap
  • Coordinating technical solutions and managing stakeholder expectations, as well as conveying architectural decisions and completing projects successfully
  • Assisting the engineers in ensuring high-quality delivery with strong attention to detail.
  • Maintain and implement Engineering procedures, best practices, toolsets, and governance

As a Software Engineering Manager, you demonstrate tenacity in advancing technical solutions and work to ensure that colleagues and team members share that commitment. Even when under pressure, you remain productive and positive. Storm5 is pleased to collaborate with leading Software Engineering Managers who have these skills in RetailTechs and E-commerce platforms across North America, Europe, and APAC regions.

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