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Vice President of Engineering

Storm5 has a portfolio of the greatest VPs of Engineering that ensure the success of the overall engineering function, through their excellent leadership capabilities and ability to address strategic problems.

Are you seeking a VP of Engineering to oversee your engineering team’s development? Storm5 is committed to assisting RetailTech executives in staffing their engineering teams with the greatest senior engineering talent available, with extensive engineering expertise and a strong ability to inspire and manage others.

These top executives possess a diverse set of talents and are critical to the success of all RetailTech start-ups and scale-ups.

The Senior Data Analyst develops business solutions through the continuous modification of existing business intelligence solutions, as well as overseeing and conducting the conversion of data into valuable insights which will lead to informed business decisions.

Important VP of Engineering responsibilities include:

  • Through coaching and management, lead and build the engineering team
  • Create a collaborative culture that supports teams and contributes to management initiatives that benefit engineers’ well-being
  • Ability to grow the engineering team by attracting, hiring, and motivating the world’s finest engineers
  • Ability to encourage an innovative and adaptive approach in working with cross-functional teams to develop and implement a data-driven tech strategy and roadmaps that drive the platform’s continual evolution
  • Work directly with software architects to develop, execute, scale, and improve the platform while offering leadership and strong technical skills
  • Create and nurture best practices across engineering teams, by upgrading and redefining technological architecture and stack to enable high-performing and scalable processing capabilities
  • Continuously cultivate a culture of ownership and aim for quality excellence to assure delivery of an exceptional code base, technical architecture, and product

This role demands great communication skills, a desire to take ownership, work independently, and show entrepreneurial ambition are all required for this position. To ensure the success of the overall engineering function, you need to have excellent leadership abilities as well as the capacity to address strategic problems. At Storm5, we’re proud to work with some of the top Vice Presidents of Engineering in RetailTech and E-commerce, all of whom possess these qualities.

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