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Director of Product Design

Storm5 has a team of product leaders with extensive experience in product design and a thorough awareness of the complete product ecosystem.

Are you seeking a Director of Product Design to help you advance your product development? Storm5 offers a pool of talented Product Designer leaders who are knowledgeable about product design and have delivered excellent user experiences based on consumer data. We work with cutting-edge RetailTech companies all across the world to link them with outstanding Product Design Directors that have a keen eye for detail.

These product leaders are seasoned professionals with a thorough awareness of the full product ecosystem.

As a Director of Product Design, you will lead and manage teams to ensure that the company’s products and features are useful to consumers, simple to use, and of the best quality. As a Director, you’ll be a key member of the leadership team, representing the Design Team and working with colleagues in engineering, data science, content design, product management, and other disciplines to define the strategy, operations, and communications that will guide the team to build great products that address real user needs. You’ll be required to use all of your people management, product strategy, product design, interface design, and visual design skills.

Key Director of Product Design responsibilities include:

  • Manage designers that are engaged in separate product teams and are responsible for the primary surfaces that define the company’s user’s experience.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in product, engineering, and data science leadership to develop a strategic vision for the company, enabling the right focus on addressing customer problems.
  • Look for innovative ways to improve products
  • Assist your team in establishing clear development goals and checking up on their progress on a regular basis.
  • Assist designers in defining their career pathways, identifying opportunities, and progressing to do their best work.
  • Hire, train and mentor more managers and designers.

Top Director of Product Design experts are committed to regularly enhancing the product, have an innovative mindset, and are leaders that take ownership of projects and work toward solutions.

Storm5 is proud to be working with some of the greatest Product Design Directors in the industry, with skills such as creative problem solving, strong leadership, and the ability to understand the factors affecting customer satisfaction.

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