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Head of Product

Storm5 offers a network of seasoned Heads of Product who foster the product vision to create a cutting-edge RetailTech products.

Are you seeking a new role as a Head of Product, or are you looking for a Head of Product? At Storm5, we have a huge database of experienced Product Leaders that develop seamless product roadmaps which will help you provide a steady stream of exceptional goods and services. We work with forward-thinking Retailtech startups and combine them with outstanding product experts.

These product leaders are experienced professionals with in-depth market knowledge.

You will be in charge of creating the product vision, strategy and roadmap, as well as implementing them to ensure that the company’s offerings are the finest in the market. You’ll have an entrepreneurial mindset, as well as extensive experience and an established track record in numerous product verticals, to create engaging experiences that are tailored to specific consumer types and markets.

As a Product team leader, you will be an inspiring figure who can influence the larger organization while also providing leadership and direction to the team, fostering and establishing a culture of continuous development.

Main Responsibilities of a Head of Product include:

  • Create a product strategy, vision and roadmaps for product development.
  • Build and lead a high-performing Product Management team.
  • Manage product budgets, financials and KPIs.
  • Meet with all stakeholders, including the Senior Leadership Team, on a regular basis.
  • Work closely with colleagues in data, technology and marketing to ensure collaboration and a one-team mindset to solving customer problems
  • Strategic planning and management of the entire product portfolio

The top Heads of Product have an inquisitive mindset, a keen eye for detail and a desire to make a huge impact in the company.

Storm5’s Heads of Product are among the best in the industry, with experience launching and improving RetailTech products in Europe, North America, and Asia.



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