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Senior Product Analyst

Storm5 has a team of product experts on a mission to help meet customer demand and expectations.

Is a Senior Product Analyst needed for your RetailTech? Or are you on the lookout for a new Senior Product Analyst position? Storm5 offers a large network of professional Product Analysts who have influenced product development in a variety of areas. We work with innovative RetailTechs all across the world to discover Product Analysts that can assist them in making creative, data-driven decisions.

These senior executives have a wealth of expertise in the industry.

As a Senior Product Analyst, you will have the opportunity to work with large datasets and generate insights to help the company determine what they should create next, which will have a direct impact on how they give value to customers and grow as a company. You’ll lead the analytical efforts and assist in identifying client pain points and opportunities. You’ll collaborate with product managers, designers, and engineers to turn your ideas into action for consumers and help the company achieve its goals.

Key Senior Product Analyst responsibilities include:

  • Define essential product indicators and track KPIs to determine what matters the most
  • Recognize user behaviour and find levers that can be used to help move critical metrics
  • Conduct regular A/B tests throughout a customer’s product journey
  • Influence the product teams’ roadmaps by presenting data-based insights
  • Create user segmentation, marketing attribution, customer lifetime value, and other models
  • Work closely with engineers to ensure that the company acquires the correct data in order to generate actionable business insights
  • Maintain great stakeholder relationships and manage your workload to meet their needs
  • Partake in all phases of software development, including creative design, analysis, documentation, and testing

A Senior Product Analyst must be able to take complex, vaguely defined challenges and turn them into clear, actionable insights, while also presenting data in an understandable way. You should have a product mindset and a history of using quantitative analysis to see past the numbers. At Storm5, we have the privilege of working with some of the greatest Senior Product Analysts in the RetailTech and E-commerce industry.



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