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Senior Product Architect

Storm5 has a portfolio of experienced Senior Product Architects who aim to provide top architectural solutions.

Are you looking for your next Senior Product Architect role or to hire a Senior Product Architect? Storm5 has a portfolio of experienced Senior Product Architects who strive to perform design, development, and support of new and existing products. We work with cutting-edge RetailTech firms all over the world, introducing them to Senior Product Architects who can successfully develop product needs and architectural solutions.

These top leaders are market specialists with a lot of product experience.

As a Senior Product Architect, you’ll serve as a link between the R&D department and Customer Success teams, collaborating on product improvements, new features, and architectural platform requirements, and bridging the gap between the company’s creative, marketing, business, and technical teams.

Key Senior Product Architect responsibilities include:

  • Define product requirements that address market opportunities
  • Investigate and document emerging digital product technology and design trends
  • Collect, monitor, and analayze best design practices within the industry.
  • Examine and improve the current product design process within the company.
  • Outline key KPIs for product design activities.
  • Define the product vision, product design principles, product goals, and design methods
  • Maintain a product roadmap and design guidelines to ensure that development initiatives are perfectly aligned with business goals.
  • Assist with the expansion, training, and mentoring of the product team.
  • Convert product specifications into possible solutions.
  • Make prototypes to see how stakeholders, customers, and users react to proposed solutions.
  • Analyze consumer feedback and use the information to improve the proposed solution.

Senior Product Architects with strong analytic and technical ability, exceptional attention to detail and excellent communication skills are the best candidates. Storm5 is delighted to be collaborating with some of the best Senior Product Architects in the RetailTech and E-commerce industry.

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