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Our Product Management talent network is made up of C-Suite leaders and Product specialists with Retail Tech-specific experience. We work with C-suite and senior leaders across Europe, North America and Asia that are building, managing, and developing products in Ecommerce startups and scale ups.

Our database is made up of Chief Product Officers, Heads of- and Senior Product Managers who are excellent communicators and are responsible for full product ownership, from preparing and guiding the implementation of solutions to evolve the product, to defining customer problems related to your product line. They continuously pursue a deep understanding of product strategy and establish procedures for conducting research, design conceptualisation, product development, and measuring KPIs to track product performance.

Whether you are looking to hire a Chief Product Officer (CPO) to lead a cross-functional team from product planning to launch, or a Senior Product Manager with a hands-on approach and expertise in creative problem-solving, we have the right candidates for you. Our wide network of talented individuals have extensive experience in the Retail Technology sector, and will bring incredible innovation to your Product teams.

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Roles we recruit for

Storm5 Product Management candidates develop technical and business requirements and deliver intuitive and user-centric solutions. They work closely with all aspects of an E commerce business, taking an active role in promoting innovation across the leadership team. As well as collaborating with C-Suite and board, they work alongside Engineering, Sales, and Marketing teams to make sure everyone in the business has an empathetic understanding of the product.

As Product Management recruiters, we speak to the very best senior Product talent every day. Our focus on the RetailTech industry means that we are best placed to build and expand your team to help achieve your mission.

Chief Product Officer, Chief Product Architect, VP of Product, VP of Product Design, VP of Product Marketing, Product Director, Director of Product Marketing, Director of Product Design, Head of Product, Head of Product Design, Head of Product Marketing, Senior Product Manager, Senior Product Lead, Lead Product Designer, Senior UX/UI Designer, Lead Product Owner, Senior Product Architect.

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Other specialisms we recruit for

As RetailTech specialists, we mirror a RetailTech’s internal verticals. We also recruit for the following areas.

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