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Chief Commercial Officer

Storm5 has a portfolio of top Chief Commercial Officers that aim to achieve commercial success for the company.

Do you need a Chief Commercial Officer to help you define and implement your commercial strategy? We connect pioneering RetailTech leaders with CCOs who are critical to fostering business growth, thanks to our broad network of sales experts in the industry.

These C-Suite executives have a wealth of business expertise and are true leaders in their field.

Working with the founders, you will build, improve, and implement a long-term commercial and monetisation strategy that will assist the company in achieving commercial success. You are going to be in charge of developing and implementing objectives and goals, as well as establishing the workforce’s expected performance standards.

Key CCO responsibilities include:

  • Analysing marketing activity and using your industry experience and understanding of what clients want, to develop unique services/products.
  • Take charge of financial budgeting, measurements, and reporting KPIs.
  • Hiring and managing commercial team members, as well as encouraging and evaluating their performance
  • Establishing realistic and achievable goals and implementing marketing strategies to meet them
  • Lead business development, establishing a new business pipeline and meeting ambitious sales targets.

To design and implement strategic initiatives, RetailTech executives will be searching for experts that have excellent business acumen, strong commercial expertise and a complete grasp of marketing’s technical components.

Storm5 is happy to have some of the most talented CCOs disrupting E-commerce and RetailTech in our network.

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