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Head of Business Development

Storm5 has a portfolio of experienced Heads of Business Development who are committed to continuous improvement and the execution of strategic and tactical objectives.

If you’re looking for a Head of Business Development, Storm5 has a team of Business Development professionals who have experience monitoring and supervising sales, marketing, and account management, as well as building proper methods and operations to grow the customer base. We work with cutting-edge RetailTech and E-commerce companies to identify the best Business Development specialists who are enthusiastic about expanding into new areas, acquiring new users, and raising brand awareness.

These senior executives are business development specialists with deep expertise.

Working alongside the management team, this role is responsible for leveraging partners to sell to the right customers, managing sales and client relationships, and monitoring new markets and emerging trends. A Head of Business Development needs expertise and proven dynamic sales leadership. The role necessitates continuous improvement and execution of strategic and tactical objectives.

Key Head of Business Development responsibilities include:

  • Achieve growth and sales targets by successfully managing the sales team
  • Create and implement a strategic sales plan to meet the business’s growth targets
  • Build and maintain solid, long-lasting relationships with vendors and distributors as well as sales and marketing teams, by collaborating with them and understanding their needs
  • Present sales, revenue and expenses reports and realistic forecasts to the management team
  • Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status
  • Assisting the team in negotiating and closing agreements by serving as a sounding board for everything and anything related to the sales cycle
  • Promote the sales objectives throughout the organization.

In order to create the relationships necessary to move the company ahead, a successful Head of Business Development requires strong communication and negotiation skills. They have in-depth knowledge of the company and how to sell it, along with vast marketing expertise. Storm5 is pleased to work with some of the greatest Heads of Business Development in the RetailTech industry.

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