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Head of Marketing

Storm5 has a portfolio of experienced Heads of Marketing that oversee the overall marketing strategy, ensuring that the marketing channels executive the brand’s objectives.

Are you looking for a skilled Head of Marketing for your RetailTech? Or are you seeking a new role as a Head of Marketing? Storm5 offers a huge network of highly qualified marketing professionals who have overseen the entire marketing process. We link disruptive E-commerce and RetailTech start-ups with Heads of Marketing that are passionate about creating marketing strategies to assist them in establishing brands and achieving a return on investment.

These senior executives are marketing experts with a wealth of marketing knowledge.

The Head of Marketing will be responsible for all aspects of brand marketing and product portfolio management and will play a key role in the development and execution of the overall strategic plan. The primary goal of the position is to execute brand and marketing activities that support growth. This will be accomplished by developing innovative and financially viable products and expanding into new markets and sales channels. You will also lead the development of a rigorous product management strategy to guarantee that growth is sustainable. The position will be responsible for leading a cohesive, expanding, and talented marketing team that is dedicated to excellence both individually and collectively.

Key Head of Marketing responsibilities include:

  • Collaborate closely with colleagues in sales, product, and marketing to develop an integrated marketing and content strategy that spans all channels.
  • Develop and manage a closed-loop marketing growth engine that generates more inbound leads.
  • Create the messaging and positioning to communicate the product value proposition to customers and prospects
  • Oversee the overall marketing strategy and pipeline, ensuring that actions are in place to keep the marketing funnel healthy.
  • Maintaining ties with third-party marketing vendors (website, conferences, designers etc).
  • Demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of different marketing tactics, channels, and campaign plans.

Top Heads of Marketing are fascinated with buyer personas and they understand how to address customer pain points. They are exceptional leaders who know how to build brands. We’re glad to report that the Storm5 network includes some of the RetailTech industry’s best Heads of Marketing.

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