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Head of Partnerships

Storm5 has a portfolio of skilled Heads of Partnerships that form and maintain relevant relationships with external partners in an organization.

Do you want to hire a Head of Partnerships to help your company develop and retain key relationships? At Storm5, we have an established network of Senior Partnership and Business Development professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the greatest level of customer satisfaction and our specialists are skilled at identifying commercial possibilities that will help us grow and succeed.

These professionals have a plethora of experience in developing key partnerships in order to achieve corporate growth.

As the Head of Partnerships, you’ll be expected to build strong relationships with the company’s key longer-term partners, and you’ll be a strong collaborator with exceptional communication and negotiation abilities. You will seek to drive and influence an innovative strategy, reporting to the Chief Commercial Officer.

Main Responsibilities of the Head of Partnerships:

  • Form and maintain relevant and commercial connections with all external partners within the organization.
  • Ensure that both parties’ contractual commitments, partnership conditions, and objectives are met.
  • Working with the Business Analyst to evaluate success, risk assess, and ensure you’re delivering with a solutions-focused mindset, provide useful data to external partners.
  • Oversee the partnership’s cross-platform advertising campaigns across all channels and brand channels, as well as advising the Partnership Managers on how to use platforms to fulfil the needs of the partners.
  • Ascertain the suitability, strategic, and commercial fit of new collaborations before filtering and driving them.

RetailTech leaders are searching for experts that are skilled negotiators and influencers, as well as lead generators and conversion managers. They are data-driven project leaders with a creative flare for crafting appealing narratives for different audiences.


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