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Vice President of Sales

Storm5 has a portfolio of top VPs of Sales who drive the sales team to maximise revenue and growth in accordance with the company’s vision.

Are you looking for a Vice President of Sales to help you grow your sales department? Storm5 has a database of top VPs of sales who are well-versed in leading sales teams to achieve and surpass sales targets. We work with growing RetailTech firms to match them with amazing VPs of Sales who are strong leaders with a wealth of industry experience.

These sales professionals are industry leaders that have a thorough awareness of the whole sales landscape.

The VP of Sales oversees all sales operations’ development and performance. You will hire, coach, manage and drive the sales team to new client acquisition and expansion opportunities to maximise revenue, profitability, and growth in accordance with the company’s vision and values. You’ll create and implement strategies for attracting and retaining new and existing consumers, as well as strengthening customer relationships.

One of the key responsibilities is to establish and implement new business development plans while also managing all sales activities in allocated markets. In addition, the VP of Sales collaborates with marketing to generate sales leads and brand awareness, as well as staffs, directs, and leads the sales team to achieve maximum profitability and growth in accordance with the company’s goals, vision, and values.

Key VP of Sales responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting, training, mentoring and growing a high-performing salesforce
  • Responsible for creating internal and external customer relationships.
  • Create and implement a business strategy to help the company meet and surpass its revenue and profit targets
  • Develop and execute account plans to increase the number of products and services available to existing customers
  • Establish, maintain, and report on a model that accurately forecasts quota performance on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Devise and drive strategies to expand into new markets and gain new clients
  • Provide precise revenue projections
  • Assist in the creation and implementation of a marketing strategy
  • Create and deliver winning proposal presentations and RFP responses to increasing profitable revenue

The best VP of Sales is accountable, self-motivated, and above all, passionate about sales and establishing a successful sales team. Storm5 is delighted to work with some of the greatest VPs of Sales in the E-commerce and RetailTech space.

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