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According to a recent Deloitte report, marketing executives all over the world are dramatically boosting their investments in a range of digital endeavours. By collaborating with the right MarTech companies and tools, they hope to be able to cut through the noise of marketing messages and provide consumers with highly relevant content.

Marketers frequently have to alter their MarTech stack to see which combinations are most effective for specific needs. While one marketer might favour using a tool that works for everyone, another marketer may prefer using a variety of tools to do a particular task.

What is MarTech?

Marketing technology, also known as MarTech, refers to a collection of software and tools that aid in the achievement of marketing goals or objectives. When a marketing team employs a collection of marketing technologies, this is referred to as their marketing technology stack.

MarTech can assist with data collection, content planning, execution, reporting, and more. Martech enables marketers to win at each stage of the customer acquisition funnel in a more efficient and effective manner.

Adtech (advertising technology) is a subsection of MarTech that focuses on paid channels.

If you’re seeking to enhance your present stack, we’ve put together a list of 10 New York MarTech businesses and solutions that are worth checking out:


Yotpo is the leading eCommerce marketing platform, assisting thousands of innovative brands such as MVMT and Steve Madden in accelerating direct-to-consumer growth. It’s single-platform approach integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and other services, enabling brands to create smarter, higher-converting experiences that spark and sustain customer relationships. Yotpo integrates with the tools that online businesses rely on a daily basis, such as Google, Instagram, leading eCommerce platforms, and the rest of the marketing technology stack.

Funding Stage: Corporate round, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $436M, according to CrunchBase


Reachdesk enables businesses to deliver important moments at scale, globally, and across the entire customer lifecycle. Companies can use Reachdesk to deliver gifts and direct mail to customers, prospects, and employees with the click of a button. Its integrations with your tech stack enable a clear and quantifiable ROI; the direct channel is no longer a game of chance.

Funding Stage: Series B, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $49M, according to CrunchBase


Rokt is the global leader in eCommerce technology, assisting businesses in maximising the revenue and customer acquisition potential of every transaction moment. More than 2,500 leading global businesses and advertisers, including, Groupon, GoDaddy, Vistaprint, and HelloFresh, are using Rokt’s solutions to drive more value through every transaction by offering highly relevant messages to their customers at the moment they are most likely to convert.

Funding Stage: Series E, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $487M, according to CrunchBase


Conductor is a search and content intelligence platform that assists marketers in creating and optimising content to increase online visibility. For enterprise brands, its platform generates customer intent insights that enable marketers to create compelling, value-driven content, resulting in increased organic traffic and higher marketing ROI. Customizable dashboards and workflows walk marketers through the content creation process, allowing them to measure, refine, and demonstrate the efficacy of their SEO and content marketing efforts.

In addition to its SaaS platform, Conductor provides a suite of services and support, such as site audits, site migrations, and managed services, that enable in-house marketing teams and digital marketing agencies to drive results and prioritise the needs of their customers.

Funding Stage: Private Equity, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $210.6M, according to CrunchBase


Bluecore is a marketing technology firm that is reimagining how retailers communicate with their customers. Bluecore, in collaboration with the world’s fastest-growing retail brands, intelligently connects casual shoppers to the products that turn them into lifetime customers. Retailers can now personalise 100% of consumer communications delivered via email and throughout the eCommerce shopping experience thanks to the recent launch of Bluecore Communicate and Bluecore Site.

Bluecore replaces manual processes with an intelligent, AI-driven workflow, enabling retailers to manage their entire email programme as well as all on-site communications from a single interface that optimises for content, offer, and timing. In addition, the company invented the first shared success pricing model in the industry. As a result, the Bluecore platform doubles email revenue, cuts production time, and boosts customer retention and lifetime value for more than 400 brands.

Funding Stage: Series E, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $238.2M, according to CrunchBase


Suzy, which has over one million users, is a perfect blend of art and science: a combination of human and artificial intelligence. Suzy works with businesses to create products that people want, campaigns that people love, and offers that people want. The platform provides businesses with an unprecedented direct line of communication with their customers, on-demand and in real-time.

Suzy’s unparalleled speed in collecting real-time consumer intelligence through direct consumer interactions makes her truly valuable to brands. Suzy can deliver 300 responses in less than 60 minutes on average, and user responses begin to populate in as little as one minute.

Funding Stage: Series D, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $104.1M, according to CrunchBase


Botify is an enterprise software company that assists brands in transforming organic search into an effective, measurable, and long-term channel for traffic and revenue growth. Botify provides an end-to-end SEO management solution that enables customers to unlock the true growth potential of their website by leveraging a unique unified data model, prescriptive insights, and automated processes.

Botify is used by 500+ leading global companies across industries including e-commerce, travel, media & publishing, classifieds, and more. The company also collaborates with industry leaders in technology and services, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WordPress VIP, Google Cloud and Jellyfish.

Funding Stage: Series C, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $82.2M, according to CrunchBase


Wunderkind is a leading performance marketing engine that scales tailored experiences. Wunderkind enables digital businesses to remember who their customers are better than ever before, allowing them to deliver high-converting, one-to-one messages on websites, through emails and texts, and in ads on a scale that would otherwise be impossible.

Funding Stage: Series B, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $75.9M, according to CrunchBase


TripleLift is an advertising technology company that is reinventing ad placement by combining creative, media, and data. Every month, its marketplace processes over 1 trillion ad transactions for the world’s leading brands, publishers, streaming companies, and demand-side platforms. Customers choose it for its addressable offerings ranging from native to online video to connected television, innovations that insert brands into content in real-time, and supportive experts committed to maximising partner performance.

TripleLift, which is part of the Vista Equity Partners portfolio, has appeared on the Inc. 5000 and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for five years in a row, has been named to Business Insider’s list of Hottest Ad Tech Companies for three years in a row, and was named Most Innovative TV Advertising Technology by AdExchanger in 2021.

Funding Stage: Private Equity, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $16.6M, according to CrunchBase


Upfluence is an Influencer marketing platform for eCommerce & social commerce, helping brands & agencies generate online sales through creators, affiliates & ambassadors.

The platform is the only influencer marketing software with a dedicated eCommerce offering. It assists brands in increasing online sales through forming organic influencer partnerships. By leveraging social data, brand affinity, and authenticity, Upfluence transforms your customers into your best-performing influencers. Its data-driven approach to influencer marketing benefits all of its 1300+ clients.

Funding Stage: Series A, according to CrunchBase

Total Funding Amount: $3.9M, according to CrunchBase

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