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RetailTech has grown exponentially in recent years. With widespread digitization and a shift toward building unforgettable customer experiences, both RetailTech and eCommerce businesses are seeing a sharp increase in investments as well as a growing number of retailers and consumers adopting and using their products.

Such growth is accompanied by fierce competition. A fully-fleshed Sales and Marketing team is essential to establish a strong market presence and differentiate the company from competitors.

Scaling your Sales and Marketing team, as well as knowing which positions to hire and when, can be a difficult task; however, it is critical to the success of your RetailTech. According to studies, companies that align the two functions generate 34% more revenue, retain 36% more customers, and achieve 38% higher win rates.

In this concise, in-depth report, we look at how to scale a RetailTech Sales and Marketing Team to give founders and CEOs the best chance of success. The report discusses how sales and marketing teams grow through funding rounds and how these teams are distributed across the C-Suite and other leadership positions depending on the size of the company. We hope that this report will be a valuable resource for startups seeking to expand their sales and marketing teams in order to advance their businesses.

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