Connecting eCommerce startups with mid-level, senior and executive professionals, from B2C marketplaces, API integration tools, SaaS platforms to headless commerce platforms and omnichannel retail. If you want to lead your RetailTech with senior, innovative talent, get in touch with one of our e-commerce recruitment consultants today.

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Creating Meaningful and Personalized Customer Journeys Through E-commerce

The last two years saw unprecedented levels of digital innovation. Consumers had to find new ways to shop due to constant lockdowns, so e-commerce adoption skyrocketed. Retailers rushed to invest in their digital efforts, while existing e-commerce stores thrived, with record-breaking sales. E-commerce continues to evolve in parallel with shifting consumer expectations, from personalization to sustainability, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

We recognise the importance of building strong, cross-functional e-commerce teams consisting of expert talent who are adaptable to market changes. Whether it’s assisting brick-and-mortar retailers in transitioning to online solutions or developing new conversion rate optimization tools, we’ve got you covered.

Building a New Digital Future with Top Talent

Storm5 is committed to meeting and exceeding your recruitment requirements. Our eCommerce recruiting services include partnership, exclusive, and standard sourcing options to assist you in connecting with the best individuals in the industry and achieving your hiring goals.

Each of our consultants has a niche network of experts in verticals of Data and Analytics, Engineering and DevOps, Product Management, and Sales and Marketing. As a result, our database of eCommerce specialists is unrivalled in the market, and we can offer you applicants who are a good fit for your vision and goals.

Storm5 is the best place to go if you need to hire an E-commerce specialist or even a whole team. Our eCommerce professionals have a plethora of knowledge and are passionate about creating the best customer journeys.



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Storm5 helps e-commerce companies find employees. How does it work?

Everything begins with a discussion between the company and our Commercial Lead. We provide three recruitment models, and you select the one that best meets your needs. Then, our expert ecommerce recruitment consultants will get to work sourcing senior candidates from our extensive database, which is brimming with niche talent that can be difficult to find in the market. Once an offer is made, we oversee the process and provide after-care support to ensure the easiest onboarding experience for both parties. 

How does Storm5 differ from other eCommerce recruiters?

Storm5 is the best at e-commerce recruitment because our business model is tailored to the startups we work with, with each of our consultants specialising in one of the key verticals required to scale a successful eCommerce startup: Data & Analytics, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Product Management. Being experts in their specific fields, our consultants can truly speak the language of our clients and candidates alike by staying close to their markets. 

What companies rely on Storm5 for E-commerce recruitment?

As a leading e-commerce recruitment agency, we collaborate with eCommerce companies in the APAC region, Canada, the United States, and Europe who want to create a new digital future with top talent. We have you covered if you have recently received Series A+ funding and are looking to scale your startup with mid-level to executive professionals.