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The Power Of Introducing Technology Purpose-Built For Retail

The level of insight gained through retail-specific technology is valuable in and of itself, but in an AI-driven world, it becomes even more so. Companies can use MarTech to ensure that retail features that help them respond to the latest market trends are always prioritized on the product innovation roadmap. The ability of MarTech, particularly marketing automation, to integrate numerous data sources can be extremely valuable. By combining data from as many sources as possible into a “single data truth,” everyone can be on the same page. This also provides a huge amount of data for automation systems to work with.

As MarTech companies around the world continue to create marketing campaigns that are exponentially more effective and deliver significantly higher returns on time and investment, we recognize the importance of assembling best-in-class teams. Due to our extensive knowledge of the MarTech industry, we can empathize with your growth challenges, making us the preferred partner of startups spearheading the digital-first, customer-centric, and experience-driven retail revolution.

Trusted Partner In MarTech Recruitment

Storm5 is committed to providing industry-leading recruitment services. We make an effort to understand your company’s priorities and goals, and with our three models, we provide the perfect option for your company when it comes to sourcing the best talent to help you meet your hiring goals.

Our expert consultants collaborate with senior executives in Data & Analytics, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Product Management. Due to our specialized approach to finding expert hires, our consultants have the most extensive and diverse network of talent in the market.

If you’re looking to elevate your MarTech company, Storm5 are best placed to help. Our MarTech professionals have a proven track record of success and are passionate about transforming retail’s future through data, analytics, and automation.



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How does Storm5 find MarTech specialists for relevant roles?

After deciding on a recruitment plan that meets your needs, we get to know your exact requirements for the role and the ideal candidate or team you’re looking for. We immediately get to work talking to our network of highly specialised professionals, and we have a shortlist ready for you within 48 hours! When an offer has been made and accepted, we carry out the process and provide after-offer care to ensure the optimum onboarding support. 

Why does Storm5 see themselves as experts in MarTech?

What sets us apart from the competition and allows us to fully live up to our expert claim is our in-depth knowledge of our MarTech clients, as seen by our Series A funding and rapid expansion across Europe, Asia and North America. This enables us to understand the problems and opportunities that funding offers, allowing us to support headcount expansion while also keeping investors satisfied.

What other companies are currently relying on Storm5 in the MarTech market?

As the MarTech boom sweeps the globe, we’ve attracted plenty of MarTech startups searching for a partner to support them meet their ambitious hiring goals. With our top tier recruitment service, we’ve filled mid- to executive-level positions across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. If you’ve recently acquired Series A+ funding and need assistance meeting your growth targets, we can help!