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Sales and Marketing careers

Sales and Marketing recruitment is in higher demand than ever before, as the function remains crucial to all prominent RetailTechs.

From setting sales objectives to executing great marketing strategies with the goal of inspiring revenue growth, sales and marketing play a critical role in the RetailTech market. Digital marketing and sales are essential components of any RetailTech company, and the opportunities for this field to innovate and drive growth are limitless.

Working with the senior marketing leadership team, coordinating with C-Suite members to support marketing innovation, and collaborating with Directors and VPs to streamline the business model and increase revenue. They’ll also collaborate closely with Product teams to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the product so that consumers and clients get the best possible service.

We have the perfect candidates for you, whether you need a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) to develop and drive your company goals or a Head of Partnerships to oversee client interactions.

We’re proud to be connected to the greatest sales and marketing professionals in RetailTech. From Heads of Business Development to Marketing Directors and VPs of Sales, Storm5 has a dedicated team of specialists who match senior sales and marketing talent with the market’s most innovative RetailTechs to build out trailblazing teams.

We’re best equipped to help you fill your next sales and marketing role because we’ve worked in RetailTech across Europe, Asia, and North America and helped establish extremely successful sales and marketing teams. If you’re looking for a new job or want to expand your team, contact our team of expert Sales and Marketing consultants.