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Chief Marketing Officer

Storm5 has a large network of expert Chief Marketing Officers who can assist you in developing and implementing your marketing strategy.

Do you need a Chief Marketing Officer to help you expand your marketing department? Storm5 has a large network of skilled CMOs who are dedicated to keeping your company’s marketing plan unique and actionable. We work with cutting-edge RetailTech leaders all around the world to connect them with groundbreaking Chief Commercial Officers who are experts at driving business development and recognizing market opportunities.

These professionals have invaluable experience that can evolve an early-stage startup to a global player in the RetailTech market.

As CMO, you will work closely with the C-suite and CEO to discuss, plan, and execute the company’s short, medium and long term strategy. You will establish and lead an existing team to drive the company’s processes, visibility, efficiency, and execution. You will oversee complex, multi-disciplinary projects across the organization’s several work streams. You will also collaborate with internal teams to plan project needs and manage projects through the entire project lifecycle. This includes gathering all of the resources needed by the team to accomplish a project, managing project schedules, recognizing risks, and clearly communicating project updates to project stakeholders.

Main Responsibilities of a Chief Marketing Officer:

  • Plan, create and implement a long-term worldwide marketing and communication strategy for the organization.
  • Manage and monitor all marketing budgets and resources.
  • Contribute to the advancement and efficiency of the organization by developing and promoting business processes and team systems.
  • Develop and execute a go-to-market plan for expanding into new geographies/markets and launching new products.
  • Build, manage, and oversee a motivated and high-performing marketing team.
  • Increase inbound enquiries and revenue generation by ensuring the company message is delivered consistently to its target audience through world-class content and campaign creation.
  • Assisting teams in developing comprehensive briefs with goals and timetables, as well as assessing project learnings when the project is completed.
  • Make a project plan and consult team members.
  • Provide project updates and reports to other stakeholders to keep them informed.

The ideal candidate is an execution-focused leader with a keen eye for detail who can thoughtfully lead across teams. This role, as part of the Executive Leadership Team and reporting to the Co-Founder, will suit someone with extensive industry experience.

RetailTech leaders are looking for people that are multifaceted, experts in their industry, with a deep understanding of how to apply a marketing strategy, including brand and product positioning, segmentation, mass marketing and multi-channel communication

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