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11 Nov 2022
industry insights

5 Tips to Ace your next eCommerce Interview

To this day, eCommerce is the fastest-growing and most lucrative subsector of the RetailTech industry, even after the slump of the post-pandemic time. Being the…

To this day, eCommerce is the fastest-growing and most lucrative subsector of the RetailTech industry, even after the slump of the post-pandemic time. Being the best-performing subsector also entails that competition for the most sought-after jobs has never been so fierce. Nevertheless, the industry suffers from a lack of talented individuals who can quickly change and adapt to new trends to keep a business on top of its market. More so than in other positions, senior-level talent and c-suite positions have never been so requested as in recent times.

The eCommerce industry is relatively accessible for individuals with experiences in different sectors, however, understanding the eCommerce landscape and what eCommerce businesses are looking for in candidates is undoubtedly beneficial in order for you to stand out in your next eCommerce job interview.

With that in mind, we have five tips that will help you ace your next eCommerce Interview:

Do your research. 

This should be a no-brainer. You must know your audience before you interact with it. The same goes for eCommerce companies. Research the industry if you are applying for the first time in such positions. A deep understanding of the industry’s ins- and outs- can get you a head-start. Research eCommerce companies that are leaders in the sector. Understand their strength and their background. Take the time to do your research on the top eCommerce companies and why they are the top, but also research how the market location affects companies.

Finally, try to research the interviewer too. Establishing a personal connection with your interviewer can improve your chances of getting hired.

Understand your personality and the company’s culture 

First and foremost, understand your strengths and weaknesses and be transparent about them. Showcase what your best personality traits are and how you will be a good fit for the company. Do not be afraid to communicate your successes and your losses but explain how you have overcome them.

More importantly, understand the company’s culture.  What are their values, working culture, and mission statement? You should know about the company you are interviewing with extensively before your interview. As eCommerce recruitment experts, we at Storm5 can guarantee that people are more likely to hire applicants who appear to match the company’s culture. Being a good fit for company culture can be the deciding factor for getting the job.

Problem. Action. Results. 

Review old work or projects and draw on experiences. You have most likely carried out projects and achieved goals in your previous occupation so be ready to showcase these analytics in a quantifiable manner. In addition, reflect on what you learned in your old job. Be sure to walk the hiring manager through a problem you tackled, your step-by-step process in finding a solution, and ultimately what the outcome was. It is also beneficial, in some instances, to present the interviewer with a case study on your previous project.

Be knowledgeable & passionate about the role. 

Understand the trends of the industry. Look for reliable sources and thought leaders in the industry to ensure you are always updated on the latest news, trends, and funding. Know the TechStack that the company you are applying for uses. If you are applying for a specific subsector of eCommerce, make sure to be able to answer all the possible questions that the case may entail.
Most importantly than everything else, communicate passionately what you did in the past and what you intend to do in the future. Highlight that you care about the topics discussed and that you take pride in your personal successes.

Follow up.

Always follow up with a thank-you note that expresses your continued interest in the position. You can also include any information you forgot to mention during the interview. It’s worth the extra effort. According to a Robert Half report, 80% of recruiting managers said receiving a thank-you note after an interview was beneficial or somewhat helpful.

Storm5 can help you!

The talent pool for eCommerce is vast, but so are the possibilities for careers. It can be said that there has never been a better time to be a part of the world’s fastest-growing industry. Always remember that preparation is key.

Whether you’re looking for roles in eCommerce growth, content management, social media strategy, email marketing, and many more, we can help you throughout the entire process. We specialize in connecting talented senior-level individuals to the best RetailTech companies in Europe, the US, and APAC regions. Whether you are a business looking to expand your managerial team or a professional looking for your next job, get in touch and we will make sure to find the perfect fit for you.

We’ve helped some of the most successful RetailTech startups grow.

— now it’s your turn.