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27 Jan 2023

Top Supply Chain Companies Operating in Europe that are Revolutionizing the Industry

Despite the volume of online purchases dipping since the pandemic’s end, consumers continue to shop online, and will always be. The prediction for the future…

Despite the volume of online purchases dipping since the pandemic’s end, consumers continue to shop online, and will always be.

The prediction for the future of the B2C eCommerce industry in Europe promises to be attractive. The industry is expected to grow steadily over the forecast period till 2026. In fact, Europe’s B2C Ecommerce Gross Merchandise Value is expected to reach the US$1,564.9 billion mark by 2026.

However, supply chains are facing challenges, including congestion and emissions reduction goals, as well as one-time events like the blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given container ship. To address these challenges, startups are working to optimize supply chains.

Today we will dive deep into the supply chain companies operating in Europe that are revolutionizing the industry.

Headquarters: Germany
Total raised to date: $62.8m

Air transport accounts for a significant portion of global trade, making it vital to have efficient processes that minimize costs, optimize route planning and promote sustainability. addresses these needs by providing real-time data-driven solutions for airlines and freight forwarding companies. Companies like Flexport and Zencargo have found success with a broader approach, while, with its specialized focus, has attracted top airlines and freight forwarders as clients. This has positioned the company to be a leader in developing a global operating system for air cargo.


Headquarters: UK
Total raised to date: $12.2m

We believe that solutions that promote transparency in supply chains and make impact assessment information more accessible hold great potential. A company that does this is Sourceful. The company provides an end-to-end sourcing and supply chain platform with the goal of promoting sustainability in global supply chains. By utilizing multiple data sources, it evaluates the environmental and social impact of products, enabling businesses of all sizes to make more informed decisions based on real-time data and robust methodologies. Sourceful offers a complete solution, including a marketplace for pre-screened products, a universal assessment standard for suppliers and buyers, and intelligent inventory management services.


Headquarters: UK
Total raised to date: Bootstrapped

The Sixfold platform utilizes a unique approach by integrating transport management systems, truck telematics, mapping data, and predictive analytics with AI capabilities to provide accurate ETAs and real-time shipment monitoring for large companies, carriers, and customers. It is already being used by notable businesses such as Nestlé, Knauf, and Saint-Gobain. The platform addresses supply chain issues, which are becoming increasingly important for startups and the world as a whole, and has the potential to improve productivity and sustainability in current supply chains. The team behind the platform is skilled at innovative thinking.

Headquarters: United Kingdom
Total raised to date: Unspecified amount in an early VC round in January 2022 and one undisclosed round from FORD Automotive

A complete real-world solution to the demands and the detrimental environmental impact of last-mile delivery. Delivers.AI gives businesses the capability to offer autonomous, emission-free, delivery within a fixed cost ‘Mobility as a Service’ model. By combining advanced navigation technology with an attractive design, they aim to provide close-range delivery services through their autonomous robotic vehicle network. The company is currently testing its technology with global e-commerce and delivery companies such as Glovoo. The company is considered one of the field’s most innovative and exciting startups, providing futuristic and new ideas. The last-mile delivery sector has a lot of potential for growth and development and Delivers.AI is well-positioned to be a major player in that space.


Headquarters: Turkey
Total raised to date: N/D

Navlungo is a logistics company that offers finding, purchasing, and management services to exporters, importers, and online marketplace sellers such as those on Amazon and Etsy. Utilizing recommendation algorithms, they provide the most suitable options for exporting, allowing individuals and institutions to quickly receive logistics offers. The startup has already assisted over 500,000 people and more than 8,500 businesses. They are a valuable resource for other businesses, providing efficient logistics services and they have already gained a significant amount of traction in a short period of time, which is no surprise given the importance of logistics in their field.


Headquarters: UK
Total Raised to date: N/D

Materra has created a revolutionary closed-loop farm system that significantly improves the yield and sustainability of organic cotton. The system increases yield by 4x compared to traditional methods while using 80% less water, no pesticides, and producing 30% less CO2. Their technology allows them to optimize the entire cotton supply chain, enhancing the efficiency, quality, and traceability of a material responsible for 16% of global pesticide use and consuming up to 10,000 liters of water per kg produced. Materra team’s holistic approach in revolutionizing, as their system benefits all stakeholders in the supply chain. Local farmers benefit from higher profitability and guaranteed yield, while brands benefit from better quality materials and increased transparency. Additionally, their system can be implemented in non-arable land, which is crucial as climate change reduces the availability of suitable farmland.


Headquarters: Sweden
Total raised to date: $4m round in August 2020, and two undisclosed rounds from Volvo Group

Adnavem offers a digital platform that eliminates intermediaries and connects cargo owners directly with logistics providers worldwide. By using the platform, cargo owners can create a custom digital supply chain and streamline processes. The traditional freight forwarding industry has been plagued by a lack of transparency, multiple middlemen, and outdated methods. Adnavem’s solution promotes direct collaboration between cargo owners and logistics providers, resulting in increased efficiency, control, and cost-effectiveness. The platform aims to bring transparency to the logistics industry through disintermediation and end-to-end automation.


Headquarters: Sweden
Total raised to date: $1.2m

CarbonCloud is a science-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables food producers to evaluate the climate impact of their products and production processes. The market demand for this type of service is growing as companies strive to understand and reduce their carbon footprint across the supply chain. With the increased regulations and consumer demand for environmentally-friendly products, CarbonCloud’s comprehensive approach to data gathering, analysis, and labelling could position it as the go-to provider of carbon footprint information for both companies and consumers.

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