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Chief Technology Officer

Storm5 has a portfolio of the best Heads of Engineering who lead the technical function and leave their mark on rapidly growing businesses.

Do you require a Head of Engineering or are you seeking your next Head of Engineering position? Storm5 has a large network of professional Heads of Engineering who effectively lead the technical function and leave their mark on fast-growing companies. We partner with innovative RetailTech and E-commerce firms, pairing them with Heads of Engineering who are purpose-driven and dedicated to making a difference in the industry.

These leaders are engineering specialists with a proven track record of success.

The Head of Engineering reports directly to the Director of Engineering and supports several Engineering Managers in their technical, managerial and personal development As a senior member of the engineering management team, you should set high expectations in order to motivate your team to produce high-quality products, services, and procedures as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll lead projects to improve the company’s management processes and ensure that it’s doing everything possible to help people advance.

Key Head of Engineering responsibilities include:

  • Develop and lead a large-scale engineering team
  • Manage an engineering portfolio of cutting-edge systems, from design to installation
  • Oversee the research and development of system integration.
  • Supervising the commissioning and testing procedures
  • Assisting the presales team as a technical expert
  • Create standards and procedures to ensure that quality is maintained at a high level
  • Plan and execute the delivery of the company’s strategic product roadmap in collaboration with the leadership team, product teams, and other engineering teams
  • Ensure that the engineering team has a culture of creativity and empowerment

The best Heads of Engineering are highly structured individuals with excellent organizational and leadership abilities. They are capable of attracting, hiring, and retaining world-class engineering talent. We are proud that Storm5 is currently networking with Heads of Engineering who demonstrate these characteristics.

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