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Senior Data Engineer

Storm5 has a portfolio of the best Senior Data Engineers that provide tools and platforms to ensure that data is an asset for the company.

Do you require a Senior Data Engineer? Storm5 offers a large network of top Data Engineers Leads who are skilled at providing all the tools and platforms to ensure that data is an asset for companies. We work with forward-thinking E-commerce and RetailTech firms to match them with Data Engineers that are mission-driven and passionate about making a difference in the industry.

These senior leaders are industry professionals with substantial data engineering experience.

As a Senior Data Engineer, you’ll be in charge of providing Data Science and Analytics colleagues with well-designed and high-quality data products. The skill of satisfying internal stakeholders, always listening to feedback and offering solutions promptly and efficiently, is at the core of the role. You’ll be in charge of mentoring and growing the team’s other Data Engineers.

Key Senior Data Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Evaluate, select and deploy massive real-time/batch data processing infrastructure, using the latest technologies
  • Create cloud-scale services and APIs by leveraging modern standards and frameworks.
  • Handle all aspects of development, including design, development, construction, deployment, monitoring, and operations.
  • Investigate and test emerging data technologies and market trends in order to deliver corporate value through early adoption.
  • Lead a cross-functional, efficient team responsible for delivering big data products.
  • Develop frameworks for automated (data) tests
  • Designing and implementing a centralised strategy for logging, monitoring, and alerting the company’s data stack, as well as documenting the process so that the operations teams are well-equipped to detect and diagnose issues.
  • Mentor and coach team members and help them grow

The top leaders in engineering are individuals who contribute to the success of the engineering function by providing the ideal environment and skills required for exceptional work. Storm5 is delighted to network with Senior Data Engineers who exemplify these values.

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